Two sisiters and the cat

Mrs. Wilson and Mrs. Smith are sisters. Mrs. Wilson lives in a house in Duncan and Mrs. Smith lives in a condominium in Victoria. One day Mrs. Wilson visited her sister. When her sister answered the door, Mrs. Wilson saw tears in her eyes. “What’s the matter?” she asked. Mrs. Smith said “My cat Sammy died last night and I have no place to bury him”.

a woman cryingShe began to cry again. Mrs. Wilson was very sad because she knew her sister loved the cat very much. Suddenly Mrs. Wilson said “I can bury your cat in my garden in Duncan and you can come and visit him sometimes.” Mrs. Smith stopped crying and the two sisters had tea together and a nice visit.
a busIt was now five o’clock and Mrs. Wilson said it was time for her to go home. She put on her hat, coat and gloves and Mrs. Smith put the dead Sammy into a shopping bag. Mrs. Wilson took the shopping bag and walked to the bus stop. She waited a long time for the bus so she bought a newspaper. When the bus arrived, she got on the bus, sat down and put the shopping bag on the floor beside her feet. She then began to read the newspaper. When the bus arrived at her bus stop, she got off the bus and walked for about two minutes. Suddenly she remembered she had left the shopping bag on the bus.


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Round The World- Alone


John White is a bus driver. He likes his job, but he loves his boat. Once a year, John goes on a short journey in the boat. His wife Pauline and son Andy often go with him.

This year is different. John is taking a year off from his job and is sailing around the world. And he’s doing it alone. An exciting journey? Yes and no. ‘Sometimes, dolphins and whales swim along with the boat, and sometimes i sail paat beautiful tropical island,’ says John. ‘But sometimes the eeather gets bad and then i have problems.’ John wants to make the seasons good. He wants to see the world and to inspire others to do the things that seem to be the first impossible. 

Rick Hoyt

Rick Hoyt is American. He is in a wheelchair because he’s got cerebral palsy. He can’t talk so he uses a computer to communicate with people. Rick is a happy and successful man, he has a job at the University of Boston, and he works in computer studies. Rick loves sport too, and he takes part in marathons and triathlons.
Triathlons? In the teiathlon, people swim four kilometres, cycle 180 kilometres and then run a maraton, 42 kilometers. Rick can’t run, cycle or  swim because he’s in a weelchair. So how can he take part in a trathlon?
Rick can take part because de does it with his father, Dick Hoyt. In the running, his father oushes him in his weelchair.. In the swimming, Rick lies in a small boat and Dick swims and pulls him. And in the cycling, Rick sits in a special seat on the front of Dick’s bike. Togther, they are «Team Hoyt».
Of course, Team Hoyt never wins the race. The winner of a triathlon usually finishes in about nine hours, The Hoyts usually take about 14 or 15 hours. «That’s right,» says Dick. «Rick and i never win. But we think that we always win».

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Hello from San Francisco! I’m in a good class, so I’m really happy. There is a new boy in our class called Brad. He’s very small, he’s got dark heir and green eyes. He’s really funny and his mom is a famous film director. There is also a new English teacher, Mr Allan. No, hi hasn’t got dark hair and green eyes. And he isn’t really funny! What about you? I’ve got lots of questions. How are you? How are things at your school? Are your friends fun? Are your teachers interesting? Are you happy there? Mail me soon!
PS Here’s a photo of me whit my friends.


Black- սև
Deep black- մուգ սև
Blue- կապույտ
Brown- շականակագույն
Gray- մոխրագույն
Green- կանաչ
Orange- նարնջագույն
Purple, violet- մանուշակագույն
Red- կարմիր
White- սպիտակ
Yellow – դեղին
Azure –  լազուր
Bronze –  բրոնզագույն
Coral, coral-red –  մարջանի կորալի գույն
Cream, cream-colored –  կրեմագույն
Golden, gold – ոսկեգույն
Ivory- փղոսկրի գույն
Lilac –  մանուշակագույն
Mahogany –  կարմիր փայտի գույն
Maroon –  մուգ շականակագույն
Navy, navy-blue – մուգ կապույտ
Scarlet –  ալ կարմիր
Silver, silvery – արծաթագույն
Turquoise, turquoise-blue – փիրուզագույն
Quiet colors –  հանգիստ գույներ
Warm colors – տաք գույներ
Cold colors –  սառը գույներ
Light- բաց
Dark- մուգ
Colorful –  գունավոր
Color –  գույն
Shade –  ստվեր

Different places- Different lives

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Calvin lives on Vatersay, an island in the Outer Hebrides, Scotland.
The island is very, very small. It  is five kilometres long and five kilometres wide, and there are fewer than 100 people on the island
Calvin’s father works as a fisherman. He usually leaves the house before six o’clock in the morning. His mum always spends the day at home. She often does the housework, but the only thing she does. She teaches Calvin and his three sisters too. Vatersay hasn’t got a school, so the children learn at home.
Calvin and his family sometimes watch TTV in the evenings, but not very often, because the pictures the is hardly ever very good.

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